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How high-tech does your garden grow?

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We all know the basic rule of gardening; making sure the plant gets proper amounts of sunlight and water. It’s a lesser-known fact that smartphone and wearable technology is becoming a more vital part of our relationship with our plants and gardens.

Planning a garden is a time-consuming process that takes quite a bit of forethought. Add a touch of the 21st century to this centuries’ old tradition with a garden planner app. Any of the garden planner apps in your app store would be great options to help you organize the planning process. But one of the nicer free designs is the Sprout It app. It is a clean and concise choice that helps you decide what plans are best for your yard, and assists you in watching your plants’ growth progress.

Whatever knowledge you might have as a gardener, there will be one or two plants you encounter that you won’t be able to identify. Of course you don’t want to pull a plant that could be the beginning of a flower. In those cases, go to Plantfinder on your smartphone and look it up. Research the unknown plant in one of this app’s multiple databases and learn how to properly care for the plant.

Keep a log of what plants you have in your yard and organize that list of plants in the Life application. This smart gardening journal/diary lets you keep an organized list of your yard in the palm of your hand.

Storing all of your gardening tools and supplies is an essential part of your gardening experience. Therefore, it is just as important to have an app on your cellphone that will assist you in finding the proper storage containers for your equipment. Go to your Amazon application and look up ‘Garden storage’. Amazon is a great first destination for any garden supplies.

If these high-tech gardening tips aren’t right for you, then at the very least put some headphones on and blasting some sunny music while you dig in the garden. To find out about the best in headphones, smartphones, and wearables, visit your local TCC store sales rep.


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