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Keep track of your kids with GizmoGadget by LG

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Have you ever wished you could put a leash on your kid, but couldn’t get on board with actually putting a leash on that kid? The GizmoGadget by LG is the perfect solution to your “where is my kid” dilemma and it doesn’t require harnesses or leads.

This watch-like device allows you geolocate the wearer through GPS, giving you real-time information on where your kid is at all times.

The durable design of the device includes rounded edges, large numbers and text on the screen, and larger buttons that are easy to find by little fingers. Similar to the Apple Watch, bands can be changed out for new colors. The device is currently available in two colors – navy and red.

The 1.3-inch screen features an easy-to-use app menu that kids can understand. There is also an option to send event reminders and track the wearer’s fitness. It even prompts your children to get up and active when they’ve been sedentary for too long.

This waterproof wearable will keep you connected by allowing you, or your child, to send and receive calls and short messages from up to 10 predetermined contacts. Text messages sent from the GizmoGadget can include emojis, voice clips, or preset messages.

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