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Google to operate at 100% renewable energy this year

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When you think of big global companies, you might not think they have much in the way of environmental ethics. Film, television, and news have propagated the idea that corporations don’t have a climate conscience. But global corporations are quietly investing in environmentally safe options.

In the opening montage of The Simpsons, you might notice water run-off from the local nuclear plant and the resulting three-eyed fish. Or you could’ve remembered the horrible mining disaster in Brazil in 2015. Corporations over-mined the land. Thus, a little too much rain turned into a mudflow that killed 13 people and injured dozens of others. But for the numerous companies that do environmental harm, there is at least one that does climate good.

Surprising fact about Google

But you might be surprised to find out that one of the largest global conglomerations on Earth is estimating they’ll be fully sustainable this year.

That’s right, Google will run on 100% renewable energy by the end of this year.

Google marched ahead of the curve in 2010, when they purchased an Iowa wind farm. The farm’s turbines create 114-megawatts of power, covering the greater majority of Google’s power needs. With the wind farm’s acquisition, Google stands as the “world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable power”. Google plans to continue buying wind and solar-sourced power through the remainder of 2017. These purchases will put Google at the 100% mark to match their annual consumption.

Google continues to lead

And on top of the pride Google can claim from being completely sustainable, they say they won’t stop at 100%. They’ve also released their first annual environmental report. This comprehensive addendum outlines their future environmental efforts and green initiatives.

Other companies not far behind

Other corporations aren’t far behind. Amazon consistently proves itself through their purchases of green energy. In September 2016, Apple joined the RE100 global initiative. When they joined the RE100 ranks, they stated many of their buildings were already at 100% renewable energy. For a complete list of RE100 companies, see this link.

These companies are just the tip of the iceberg. They belong amongst many others in the RE100 initiative, which launched in Climate Week NYC 2014. With this corporate initiative, hundreds of global and national companies are signing up to be using 100% renewable energy. With that, maybe our environment will finally get a much-needed boost.

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