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TCC Talk: 4 fitness apps to keep you on track

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It’s time to stop making excuses when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Here are some useful apps that will help you stay on track in 2016.

My Fitness Pal - free

A great fitness app, My Fitness Pal tracks your daily calories consumed and burned in order to help you find balance between what you eat and what you do. My Fitness Pal also features healthy recipes by Spark Recipes so that you can create healthful meals at home.


Shop Well - free

Stay focused in the grocery store with this app that helps you create a healthy shopping list and will even scan your finds to make sure they meet your dietary restrictions.


7 Minute Workout - $2.99

Most people’s biggest complaint when it come to working out is that they don’t have enough time, so they don’t do anything at all. 7 Minute Workout is designed to keep you fit even when you don’t have time for the gym, all in 7 minute increments.

7 Minute Workout

Class Pass - free

If flying solo isn’t your thing, check out Class Pass. This is an app that gives you access to classes around your city, including yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and more for $100 a month.

Class Pass


Pro Tip: If you ever feel uncomfortable downloading apps onto your smartphone or tablet, feel free to watch our Smartphone U series on YouTube. We make it super easy with our educational videos that include tips and tricks of how to use and customize your Android or iPhone devices.

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