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Top five tech tools for Election Day 2016

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"The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate."
- Thomas Jeffersonelection banner

With Election Day 2016 looming, many as-yet-undecided voters ponder the candidates’ merits and platforms. In this time of indecision, we encourage you to live by Jefferson’s example and educate yourself before the November 8th deadline. To assist that education, we’ve put together this list of apps (and a podcast) to help you stay informed on the issues and determine which candidate to elect.


ThinkVoting election appDownload on: Android

Download on:Apple

You'll certainly get all your questions answered with the ThinkVoting app. When you open it, you’ll see a collection of information ranging from the basics - like voter eligibility, registration, and polling locations, to more intense subject matter – like which propositions will be on your ballot and how you align with the issues.


iCitizen election appDownload on: Android

Download on: Apple

Connect with candidates and elected officials about the issues you care about with the iCitizen app. Browse trending issues on the campaign trail, find your local representative, and weigh in on issues that matter to you. It has a convenient and easy display, so you won’t need to think about anything other than which candidate is your best choice.

Poll Tracker

PollTracker election appDownload on: Android

Download on: Apple

New polls are released every day, so it’s difficult to keep track of everything. Lucky for you, the Poll Tracker app condenses the most important national, regional, and local polls into an organized and readable graph. Keep easy tabs on your favorite candidate’s progress with Poll Tracker.


PolitiFact election appDownload on: Android

Download on: Apple

We all want an honest and transparent President. Keep track of each candidate’s honesty with the Politifact app. Business Insider magazine recommends the Politifact app because “It features the ‘truth index,’ a daily tally displaying how honest individual politicians have been in any given day, based on the most recent statements they've made." Luckily, this app will come in handy through the debate process in October.

FiveThirtyEight Election

538 election podcastDownload on: Streaming podcast

As one of the most notable names in news, FiveThirtyEight has worked tirelessly to present a podcast with the same reliability: FiveThirtyEight Election. This podcast offers a breakdown of the latest news and stats in the world of politics, and offers a range of perspectives on a variety of topics. Listen to this podcasts on-the-go.

Fortunately, our Founding Fathers believed in a country where everyone has a voice. Preserve that belief and your right to vote by staying informed and taking part in the political process. And be sure to register to vote before your state’s deadline, visit this voter registration website.

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