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People are starting to work together to find solutions to saving our planet – through sustainable design. Sustainable design requires renewable resources, minimal impact to the environment, and connects humans to natural habitats. Through this design, we ultimately want to change our behavior toward the Earth.

The month of April includes both Earth Day and Arbor Day, and you can celebrate both by incorporating some sustainability into your life. We’re celebrating our green and blue planet by offering a select variety of phones, tablets, and accessories made from Earth-friendly materials.

One of Apple’s biggest announcements in March 2016 was their more focused attention toward providing sustainable products to consumers. Since 93% of all iPhones are made from renewable materials, Apple felt they could directly impact the recyclables industry. Apple introduced us to their newest team member, Liam – a robot that separates the materials from old Apple devices so they can be recycled more easily. Liam told us that every small component on our iPhones can be turned into something new.


We have some accessories that are thoughtfully composed of green materials. Marley’s entire line of headphones and speakers are created from fabrics, sustainable textiles, recycled plastics, recycled metals, bamboo, and Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods. Their products allow us all to enjoy music while also forging a positive change in the world.

All of our stores offer the Phobio buyback option. When you’re done using your old phone or tablet and want to recycle it, just bring it into your community TCC store, and we’ll buy it back from you. This gives you more in-store buying power for your next phone or accessory purchase. And it should also give you a sense of fulfillment, that you were able to save the Earth a little more with Phobio – because you’re not clogging our landfills further with old devices.

You can save money and the Earth at the same time with Redux. Redux is a patented phone-drying technology that saves 98% of phones from water damage – and ultimately the trash.

What’s your favorite sustainable technology?

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