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The best app to find cheap gas

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Gas prices seem to have a mind of their own, rising and falling at the drop of a hat. And finding the best deals can turn into a never-ending hunt for the best deal. You might find yourself driving further, which wastes gas, time, and money.

The solution to this problem? GasBuddy.

gas buddyGasBuddy is an easy-to-use app that relies on the gas price information posted by other users. The app finds and compares cheap gas prices in a specific area by city name or zip code. Once you've set your search area, GasBuddy compiles a list of gas stations complete with the name, price of gas, address, and distance from your current location -- all on one easy-to-read map. Gas stations that appear can be filtered by changing the fuel type, while searches can be sorted by distance, price, or top tier. Refresh the app at any time to keep prices current.

Over 53 million drivers have saved money at the tank with this app. If you create a new GasBuddy you can get access to report gas station prices to fellow drivers and you could win up to $100 in free gas in a daily drawing. It's easier than you think to create a new account too. Just login with a nickname, email address, and zip code.

Do you have any tips for saving at the pump?

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