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Here's how to bring your smartphone to life

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(Original article written by: Guy Roginson)

Customer before smartphone fell in water

Last Sunday, I took the family for a short kayaking adventure down the Verde River (in Arizona). Since it’s been hot here in Prescott, we decided on a morning foray of the meandering waterway. It was a perfect morning until my daughter flipped her kayak, resulting in her iPhone 6 fell in the river. She immediately recovered the phone, but it was obvious we had a DOR, or Dead On Recovery. (Yes, she had it in a water proof bag, but the bag was damaged, exposing the phone to the water). I told her not to turn it on, and not to plug it in until we went to the Verizon store in town to see if they had a way to revive the waterlogged smartphone.

vacation when smartphone fell in water

What we didn't know is that the local TCC Verizon store in Prescott has this awesome little black box, called Redux, that takes water-damaged devices and brings them back to life. Essentially, it is a tanning bed and negative atmosphere device built-in-one that quickly dries the phone while sucking out any excess water.

The entire Redux operation took about an hour, and I was blown away with the service the store manager provided us. He stayed with us a full hour after the store was closed to see if he could repair the phone.

To my surprise, the Redux machine worked!

Redux saves wet phones

That device saved us over $400 for the cost of a new iPhone 6. The charge to connect the phone to the Redux is $10. And if the phone restarts, the total cost is $90 - completely worth it, in my opinion. (You can also purchase a membership for $30 in advance. This will allow you to have 2 phones dried within 2 years.)

Things you should do if you drop your smart phone in water:
1.      Do NOT turn it on afterward.
2.      Do NOT plug it in.
3.      Dry off the exterior and place in a dry towel and bring it directly to a TCC store location.

Editor’s Note: This is not a paid placement or advertorial story. It was originally published in the Prescott E-News on July 12, 2016. Guy Roginson was pleased with his service with Redux. You can see his very happy daughter, Ali, in the picture below, standing next to the Prescott, AZ TCC store manager, Dave Pitman.

Redux and happy customer

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