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Five best smartphone cases and screenguards

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cracked broken screen smartphoneDuring your phone’s lifetime, you’ll inevitably shake, drop, crash, dash, plunge, dump, and slide the device. Luckily, smartphone manufacturers have created a hardy device that is meant to last. Needless to say, it’s smart to invest in a reliable protective phone case or screen protector for your smartphone. That’s why we’ve put together a list of solid protective options below.

The best kind of protection

PureGear Dualtek Pro – This “life-proof” protective smartphone case is your safest bet – especially if you have an active lifestyle. The DualTek PRO case is military-tested and approved. We even tested it for hardiness by throwing it—with a Samsung Note5 tablet—off a balcony. After three tests, it was clear the DualTek phone case is as advertised. If you’re looking to make your phone or tablet durable enough to chuck off your balcony, go with the PureGear DualTek PRO.

Tech 21 – Unbeatable, the Tech21 brand is well-known in the tech industry for the manufacturers' high standards. This company's mission is to offer “the most intelligent impact protection on the planet.” And they’re not stopping at ‘perfect’. They’re always working towards improvement, constantly testing different materials. They have cases for a range of devices, including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Otterbox Defender Series – The number one selling case for both Androids and Apple devices, the Otterbox has been a well-known name in the tech industry for a number of years.

Screen security

BioArmor – Millions of microbes live on your phone’s screen. Silver is scientifically proven to fight germs. That’s why silver has been incorporated into each BioArmor glass screen protector. In addition, each protector is made with the sturdiest of glasses—Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass has been rated 9H for hardness, making it resistant to scratches and drops.

Gadget guard – This top-quality tempered glass screen protector is made to keep your device safe. Their motto, “safe can still be sexy,” is an understatement. The Gadget guard’s simplicity doesn’t detract from its aesthetic.

If you need protection for your device, stop by your local TCC store, as we stock each of these safety brands. In fact, currently you can get $20 off your second PureGear smartphone case when you buy two. Honestly, we want your phone, tablets, and other devices to be safe from life’s pratfalls.

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