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Heal the world this Arbor Day

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“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.” – J. Sterling Morton

J. Sterling Morton was part of a group of pioneers that moved to Nebraska in the 1850’s. He loved nature, but missed all the forest-like landscape from his hometown of Detroit. He set up shop as a writer for the local newspaper, where he wrote about agricultural tips and botany. Readers of his articles realized that the plain-filled state they lived in needed trees; not just for beauty, but for farming windbreaks, for construction materials, and for a respite from the sun.

By 1872, Morton inspired the celebration of the first Arbor Day holiday. It was deemed successful from the start. Some say that that first Arbor Day saw over a million trees planted in Nebraska.

But with or without our celebration of this green holiday, we will have to face the facts. Our Earth is changing very quickly. Our environment is going through definitive temperature changes accompanied by a noticeable increase in the number of earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, and so many other extreme weather patterns. Here’s a closer look at the changes scientists have noted, along with ways you can make a difference. Even if it is just planting a tree.


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