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Apple Town Hall announcements

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We learned a lot in the Apple Town Hall meeting on Monday, March 21st. Apple announced both short-term and long-term goals, including the steps they are taking to rebuild the environment and boosting the health industry.

One of Apple’s goals this year is to construct a more sustainable environment for future generations. 93% of all iPhones are made from renewable materials. With this information, Apple felt they could directly impact the recyclables industry. Thus was our introduction to Liam – their new robot that separates the materials from old Apple devices so they can be recycled more easily. Liam told us that every small component on our iPhones can be turned into something new – like the silver from our iPhone insides can be modified to make up part of a solar panel.

ResearchKit and CareKit
The most substantial announcement from Town Hall came in the form of two new apps. ResearchKit and CareKit are both apps that will benefit individualized health treatments. CareKit helps people take better care of themselves through tracking medications and their effects. Released on March 21st, Carekit is geared specifically toward helping those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Six different medical institutions will get constant live-feeds from people using this app. ResearchKit, a similar app, studies the iPhone user’s health. Both of these apps will build a network of crowdsourced medical information that might one day mean an end to some nasty diseases.

New Apple Watch Wristbands
Apple has unwittingly created some major fashion trends in the past. One of their biggest fashion trends came with the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2013. The Apple Watch was a huge success, but some customers weren’t happy with wristband options available at the time. So yesterday, Apple announced the release of new Apple Watch bands made from nylon, giving customers more choices that are less expensive. The price for the Apple Watch with the nylon bands was cut drastically down to $299, making the device more affordable.

iPhone SE
One of Apple’s most popular phones is the iPhone 4 and 4s, because of their small size. The 4-inch device can fit in pockets and is easy to carry around. Because of the popularity of its diminutive size, they released the iPhone SE, their newest 4-inch phone. This compact phone has the same insides as the 6s, making it up-to-date. The SE will start at $399 for 16GB. Preorders begin March 24th.

iPad Pro
Yesterday Apple unveiled the inception of a smaller iPad Pro. The small tablet includes a 9.7 inch display, True Tone display, and Pro Audio inside it’s less-than-a-pound body. Some of iPad Pro’s other cool tricks are the A9X chip that supports “Hey Siri”, Apple Pencil, 12MP camera, 5MP Facetime camera and retina flash. The new device comes in four colors: silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. Price starts at $599 for 32GB. Preorders begin March 24th.

iOS 9.3
iOS 9.3, the newest system update for Apple devices, will include Night Shift, a screen adjustment feature that warms your screen colors in the evening, to make going to sleep a smoother process. Password-protected Notes, slickly updated CarPlay, and a new Health dashboard are three more updates that users can look forward to with the new iOS.

New Headquarters
Apple’s next Town Hall meeting is slated to take place in September, later this year. Tim Cook made a vague announcement at the end of this Town Hall Meeting that it would be the last time they made an announcement at their current Town Hall. Apple will be moving its headquarters later this spring. Town Hall viewers were treated to an image of what Apple’s new headquarters would look like. The round building has a classic UFO shape with a large courtyard in the center. We look forward to seeing the building in September.

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